CBM «Osmoloda» Ltd.

About Company

We are proud of the fact that back in 1911 to German merchant  Glezinger came to his mind a great idea  — to give life to our woodworking plant. Years passed, the company was reorganized and rebuilt, until in 2001 got the second breath. It was the time when the small woodworking plant started to call  — Center of Building Materials «Osmoloda». A new entity was founded, that has an intention to declare about its existence. It was dismantled old equipment which was out-dated to energy efficiency.
Till 2012 we worked with sawing capacity  approximately 24 000 m3  per year. The volume of orders exceeded  production capacity . Our conpany didn't stop on this point and in 2012 we installed new saw mill and molding lines, that helped us to increase the production. 
Nowadays we are working on full capacity with the possibility of sawing approximetely 10 000 м3 of  raw materil per month.
The purpose of Center of Building Materials «Osmoloda»  is the production and sale of available high quality products for customers.



83, 22 Sichnya Str.
Ivano-Frankivsk Region
Ukraine, 77611
phone+38 (03474) 4-76-01
fax+38 (03474) 4-76-01

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