CBM «Osmoloda» Ltd.


Center of Building Materials «Osmoloda» supports environmental business approach in order to improve the quality of life of customers, employees, and society in general.

Wood is a natural resource, that is restored. Because of this, when used properly its stocks, it is an endless wealth. Understanding its role not only in economics, but also in right process of life on our planet. We show a great consideration for the way of getting and using of raw materials for the production.

The priorities of the company in the field of industry safety, labour protection, environmental protection and products quality  is the usage of the most modern standatds in the field of environment and quality of products. Besides, the improvement of measures for environmental protection, which are essentual to the company.

83, 22 Sichnya Str.
Ivano-Frankivsk Region
Ukraine, 77611
phone+38 (03474) 4-76-01
fax+38 (03474) 4-76-01

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